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Longarm Quilting Service

Digital Pantograph Quilting

  • 10% off your 1st quilt!

  • $ 0.03 per square inch

  • $ 2.50 per bobbin used

  • Top thread is included

  • Purchase Hobbs batting from myself (optional, prices below)

  • Please ask for current turn around times. Typically ~2 - 5 week turn around time

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to see pantograph (quilting design)

Important Information

  • Quilt drop offs are by appointment only

  • Your backing must be at least 8 inches wider & 8 inches longer than your quilt top

  • Minimum $60 charge per quilt

  • Please read through the below information as it should answer most questions

Preping your quilt

  • Your backing & batting needs to be at least 8 inches wider and longer than your quilt top, bigger is better! (ie. 50"x50" quilt top needs at least a 58"x58" backing and batting)

  • Iron your quilt top & backing very well

  • With a safety pin, mark the top of your quilt and backing if directional

  • Trim all threads away from the front of your quilt top and the back of your quilt top (threads can show through after it is quilted if your have light and dark fabrics)

  • Square your quilt top as best as your can

  • Stitch down any loose embellishments/details on your quilt top



Taking your quilt top measurements (in inches) use the below math to calculate your quilting cost

Length (inches) x Width (inches) x 0.03 = Your Cost

Batting for sale

Eliminates your stress of finding, buying and transporting batting for your quilt by purchasing Hobbs Batting from myself! Hobbs Batting adds the perfect snuggle and texture to your quilt!

  • Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 96" wide - $20/meter

  • Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 120" wide - $25/meter

  • Hobbs Bleached 80/20 108" wide - $25/meter

  • Hobbs Heirloom Wool 108" wide - $35/meter

DRop-off or MAIL in your quilt

  • Click one of the below PDF links below

  • Print, read and fill it out carefully

  • Make sure to place your quilt in a plastic bag before dropping it off or packing it up and shipping it


If you do not see the perfect pantograph for your quilt please check out and for a $10 charge I will purchase it for you!
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